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Transform Your Body Transform You Life (FREE)


 Learn how to walk through walls. Learn how turn every barrier, every hurdle and every wall into a gate. Open effortlessly to a healthier, happier, pain free, and joyful life in your body. A body you completely and absolutely love. 


The Secrets to an Unlimited Life – Secret 1


 We all came in with the ability to be anything, do anything, imagine everything, play freely, see from the highest perspective and create magic, joy, happiness, bliss, freedom and unlimited resources and dreams come true. 

The first Secret is inside of you! 


The Secrets to an Unlimited Life – 1 year

Video Series 

Monthly Tips, Secrets, Keys, Wisdom, and Knowledge to Leading and to Living an Unlimited Life


How to Write What’s in Your Heart

Video Series

Unlock the writer’s block and free the writers inside you. Learn how to share your thoughts, heart, wisdom, stories, humor, ideas, concepts, beliefs, journeys, and passions. How to Publish, How to Share, How to free yourself in joy, bliss, enthusiasm, and excitement and start writing today.


Hotel Workout

Video Series

When I started this series I was creating a Hotel Workout Program for the busy executive who did not even have the time, or the desire to head down to the hotel gym. It was for the successful men and successful women who wanted to achieve optimum fitness as they had achieved optimum success.The exercises enhanced focus, vision, drive, challenge, strength, agility, flexibility and stamina. The workouts have been featured in the Top Five Star Hotels and Elite Spas and VIP gyms around the world. In the past few months I have received hundreds of letters that my Hotel Workout which utilizes everything from your bathrobe ties, hand towels, water bottles, slippers, sneakers, luggage and things you could readily find in every hotel room have now become, the home workout program that people love. Whether you’re traveling or weathering the new climate of the stay at home lifestyle, stay fit, stay healthy, stay happy, have fun, and enjoy the surprise as fitness, is readily available to you.